What I Love

These are a few of the technologies I constantly find myself using.

HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Design are some of the quintessential buzzwords of the current tech world. Many companies just bring them up in a meeting or throw them on an proposal. I use these technologies, this website uses them, and I have some really unique use cases that I am currently working on that I will show off later this year... and hopefully integrate into your future product.

Ruby on Rails is a world class web application programming language backed by a strong community and a very well done implementation of web application best practices. Additionally, Ruby on Rails is an extremely efficient framework for most web application projects from a deployment, scalability and future hire perspective.

PHP has been around and used by a plethora of companies and platforms. It powers WordPress and is a major component of Facebook and Wikipedia. ZendFramework, CakePHP, are just two of the MVC frameworks I love to use. MVC = organized, logical, and scalable coding methodology.

WordPress is a great content management system for any company that wants to be at the helm of their website. It has one of the strongest communities in the world and continues to grow. I have developed a very well thought out workflow that not only creates a beautiful product but cuts down on the cost, future development and code maintenance.

Shopify is an awesome hosted e-commerce solution for any size company. I am a Shopify Expert and have tons of e-commerce development, design, UX, and store management experience. I have run my own stores and have worked with brands to help create an online and mobile presence.

Magento is the most powerful open source e-commerce platform in the world, which is probably a large part of the reason why eBay acquired them for $180 million in 2011. I have extensive experience developing custom Magento Extensions, Themes and full websites. I have a deep understanding of order fullfillment, credit card processing, and customer retention methods.

This website is built on a custom Node.js framework. Why? Because I love to develop with Node.js, Stylus, and Jade. Never heard of these things? Let me tell you about them and why I believe they are the future of web development. Give me a call or shoot me a message over at my Contact Page.

I believe in accountability and consistent, transparent progress. Each project receives a private github version control management repository. Your code is safe, backed-up, accessible, and can follow an agile development process if you so desire.